About HMSC


The aim of HMSC (Halal Meat Sellers Committee) is to work for the best interest of our members to secure the Best Quality Halal Meat at fair market price. As a committee, our objective is to curtail supplier’s monopoly in the Halal Meat Industry & stop them from unfair practices like selling meat at their own outlets at lower prices that can damage the business of other meat shops.

We secure most fair prices for our members from halal meat suppliers & as a member you are to follow the committee’s directions & adhere to them while procuring halal meat. You promise to follow committee advise to source meat from a recommended supplier.

If the committee decided not to buy meat from a supplier you are required to respect committee decision & purchase meat from different halal meat supplier which the committee recommends.

HMSC (Halal Meat Sellers Committee) is established to protect the interests of its members in the procurement of halal meat from suppliers at fair price and quality.