About Charity

Abu Huraira reported that a man asked the messenger of Allah (SAW) about what charity is rewarded most. The messenger of Allah (SAW) said what translated means:

“(The charity that is most rewarded is) To give when you are healthy, anxious to accumulate money, afraid of poverty and hoping for wealth, not waiting until you are on your death bed to say: give this (money) to so and so and this to so and so and this person had that. ” -Al-Bukhari

“And the likeness of those who spend their wealth in search of Allah’s pleasure, and for the strengthening of their souls, is as the likeness of a garden on a height. The rainstorm smiteth it and it bringeth forth its fruit twofold. And if the rainstorm smites it not, then the shower. Allah is Seer of what ye do”.
(Quran 2:265)