United Kingdom:
In the UK there are many Halal Certification Bodies however Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC UK) & Halal Food Authority (HFA)

  • The Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC UK) is an independent, not for profit, a registered charity organisation whose main aim is to certify the production of genuine Halal food. HMC complies with the UK Laws for food production, as well as Islamic dietary compliance Laws.
  • Halal Food Authority (HFA) is an independent, voluntary, non-profit, organisation operating as a commercial wing of a registered charity involved in halal supervision and inspection, audit principles and protocols, halal compliance, leading to halal certification of the food industry.

Across the EU, an increasing number of religious and commercial organizations are promoting the segmentation of the halal meat market through qualification practices that have created an image of non-stunned meat as being of authentic halal quality. Detail of few Halal Certification Bodies is given below; 

  • HCE is an industry leader in accredited Halal certification, providing Halal certification for Food, Beverages, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries. With accreditations from various governments across the world, the HCE Halal certificate has helped multinational corporations, Fortune 50 companies and SME’s enter Halal markets worldwide. As a not-for-profit organisation, HCE experts have been working in partnership with manufacturers and Halal consumers for over 27 years. HCE is internationally accredited by JAKIM (Malaysia), MUI (Indonesia), MUIS (Singapore), GAC (Gulf Countries) and ESMA (UAE) and many other reputable Halal authorities.
  • The creation of EHT came from a request from French distributors wishing to work with more transparency regarding the halal traceability of their products.“After many years of experience, Sheikh Mohamed Benkhelifa has therefore responded to these distributors by setting up strict control of halal slaughtering without stunning and without electronarcosis in the heart of countries such as Romania or Poland, the 2 main sources in quality halal products. EHT has over time become a control body only.”
  • EU HALAL is a private Muslim-Owned Halal Company and offers Consulting and Certification in Halal and Tayyib products for national and international markets. Halal means permissible based on Islamic Law. Tayyib means “good”, that refers to good quality, healthy, environmentally-friendly and respecting of human values. Halal and Tayyib together build the harmony of life, the balance of Universe.EU Halal looks forward in becoming a benchmark in European Union as a Halal consulting and certifying company, adding value and also certifying Halal logisticS in all Export and Import operations.